Monday, May 23, 2011

SEPOS/Longwood Gardens 2011: My purchases

Another fantastic orchid show come and gone. We spent 3 hours in a car to get there from NYC, anticipating the beautiful things we'd see. And what do my friends and I do first? Why hit the sales tent of course.
  • Aerangis hyaloides -- an entire compot in flower!
  • Anoectochilus burmannicus
  • Anoectochilus albo-lineatus 
  • Bromheadia brevifoli (mounted, adorable pointy green leaves)
  • Bulbophyllum comingii
  • Cynorkis fastigiata (I know, I know, it's a weed, go away)
  • Dendrochilum javieri
  • Dendrobium normandbyense
  • Dend. tosaense
  • Dend. Angel Baby (fantastic awesome hybrid, and covered in buds)
  • Dend. Aussie Chip (another one, yes)
  • Habenaria medusa (yes I've lost my mind)
  • Podochilus muricatus (mounted, adorable rounded green leaves)
  • Stenoglottis woodii (adorable fat little green leaves)
  • (SLC Dream Cloud x BLC Love Sound)
About my usual ratio of species to hybrids, lately.
Once the shopping was done, I could begin the important business of taking lots and lots and lots of photographs. Lots and lots. Ooh, lots.

(All this happened in March, of course, and here I am only now remembering to finish & publish the post. So a few updates are going to overlap this...o well.)