Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Knitting up Rhinebeck 2008: Sliver Moon Leaf Lace Cowl

Sliver Moon Yarn: green merino

2008, my first Rhinebeck Sheepand Wool festival...a feast for the eyes, an orgy for an unapologetic yarn-petter. The textures! The colors! Little did I know that the very first row of vendors I visited would include so many that would become favorites. Sliver Moon was among these.

Being utterly in love with bright green, I grabbed many green yarns that day, including this skein which was one of my very first purchases. Simple, pure, bright, apple green: 280 yards of blissful soft merino wool.

I thought I would combine it with another Sliver Moon skein that combines green, purple and yellow in one insanely brilliant colorway, but the greens don't quite mesh the way I hoped. So, what to do with a single skein of bright springtime green? Why a leaf-patterned lace something, of course!

Having picked a leaf-lace scarf pattern off Ravelry, I cast on and did 2 repeats and...I found it really hard going for no good reason. Besides, I have plenty of green scarves. But green cowls? I recently made 2 small Moebius-strip scarves, one of which is short enough to be sort of a cowl, and I like it a lot -- easy to wear, no winding or knotting required. So I frogged and re-started the lace pattern in the round, and I LOVED working it that way. In just 2 days I had a fabulous finished project, and I do love wearing it!

Leaf Lace Cowl