Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Good Year for Life Birds

Yeah, I'm a little behind on my posting again. I intended to do a whole series of posts about birding, starting with late winter/early spring migrants, but somehow that fell by the wayside.

My post that was BEGUN some months ago:

Birding fever gripped the land this spring. (Central Park for certain.) Winter rolled away, leaving us blue skies, lush lawns, trees decked out in dainty petals and showers of pollen, and the usual flocks of feathered migrants seeking food, territory and mates, not necessarily in that order. A few winter birds still lingered, even while the first newcomers make their noisy appearances. We haven't seen any Fox Sparrows in weeks, but the White-throated Sparrows are still here in large numbers. Eastern Phoebes already seem to be gone.

This Ring-necked Duck appeared to prefer a quiet life with the Mallards of the Lake. 

A pair of Baltimore Orioles made it through winter in the Ramble. 

One of those fat & sassy Fox Sparrows that were so abundant here this winter.

An Eastern Phoebe pursuing its prey right to the ground. Flycatching is hard work.