Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Orchids from Deep Cut Show 2011

Dtps Purple Martin
One thing about tight space in one's collection...and by tight space I mean Nowhere to go outside the light you can always find room for a few new plants if you're creative enough. And if you've killed enough older plants. I was determined to be disciplined in my shopping at this show simply because I had to be...and I knew going there that I was probably going to be shopping at the SEPOS show at Longwood Gardens in March where there are even more vendors of stuff I adore. And I was good. I didn't overbuy. Not by too much. Only by a few. Really. The Deep Cut show was in mid-February. So yeah, I'm a little late writing this up. Oh well. Here's what I got...

  • Doritaenopsis Purple Martin "Kingsir" (Kenneth Schubert x Phal violacea). A real cutie pie. Tiny flowers for the size of the plant, but the spike keeps going and going. And the color is marvellous, that lovely lavender that coerulea Phals have.

  • Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz (delenatii "Dumbo" x malipoense "Beheaded"). Because, awesome. The fan is enormous, and should show a spike ANY DAY now.

  • Maxillaria schunkeana. My second attempt at this singularly awesome species.

  • Maxillaria pulla. This one is going to live on the windowsill next to the surviving masdevallia.

  • Epicattleya Landwoods "NN" Not-too-tall plant, and gorgeous extremely full, waxy flowers. I looooooove green flowers, especially on Cattleyas and Epicatts. Oh, and fragrant!
Not too shabby a bunch. And I did find room for them all.